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Heavy traffic on highway

Low gasoline prices and a strong economy are encouraging consumers to hit the road 

Gas prices

Oil, wholesale gasoline and pump prices drop

CAMARILLO, Calif. -- Motorists are paying less at the pump compared with two weeks ago, but neither refiners nor gasoline retailers had to suffer with margin declines to let that happen. The drop in prices of the two major crude-oil benchmark grades during the past two weeks—approximately 6.5-cents...

Car being filled with gas

Detergent-certification program sees new requirements, applications in 2017

Gas pump

Annual Fuels Institute meeting explores an autonomous, connected, electric and shared world

Gas pumps
Pump-price inertia
Casey's fuel

Chain hits its gallon and margin goals for fiscal 2017, despite headwinds

Donald Trump
The decision is ultimately about U.S. control over its destiny
Booster Fuels

How Booster Fuels aims to free the masses from the gas-station trip

Oil field
Why the current stability at the pump may not last for long
Energy markets
Why prices are low, why they will stay low and what could reverse the plunge .