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While current trend is down, GasBuddy cites factors that could pressure retail costs

BOSTON -- The national retail average for regular gasoline dropped for almost three weeks to $2.26 per gallon by July 5, the longest consecutive decline since February, according to Boston-based GasBuddy. As of July 5, more than 20,000 gas stations in 32 states were selling gasoline for less than $...

As traditional fuel taxes fail to cover funding for roads, states eye usage fees

One state home to 15 of the top 20 markets with the biggest price spreads

BOSTON – Many California drivers are likely overpaying for their weekly fill-ups. In a recent study, Boston-based GasBuddy analyzed the average differences between the 5% highest- and lowest-priced gas stations in more than 450 metro areas from January to June 2016. California was home to 15 of the...

Potential deal with Tesla could set the stage for wider charging network
Lowest gas prices since 2005 boost driving forecast for Independence Day .

Electric vehicles could cut gas demand up to 20% by 2035

Unfavorable wholesale-cost trends keep margins below three-year average
Retail margin widens as rack prices tumble
Double-digit price increases wallop 5 states hit by refinery issues
Pump prices are up, but the impetus is waning