U.S. Census Station Count

Gov. report pegs number of gas stations with payrolls nationwide at 116,855 for 2006

WASHINGTON -- Texas, California and Florida accounted for more than 20% of the nation 's 116,855 gas stations with paid employees in 2006, according to new data just released by the U.S. Census Bureau. That 's about one station per 2,500 people. Gas stations employed more than 910,000 people, with a total annual payroll of $15 billion. At the county level, Los Angeles County (1,723) in California; Harris County (Houston) in Texas (1,397); and Cook County (Chicago) in Illinois (1,090) had the highest number of stations.

Nationally, the average annual payroll per gas station employee in 2006 [image-nocss] was $16,449. Hawaii ($27,669), Connecticut ($21,927) and Alaska ($21,890) had the highest average annual payroll per employee in this industry. Among larger counties, Honolulu County in Hawaii ($32,142), Troup County in Georgia ($31,833), and Hunterdon County in New Jersey ($28,869), were among those that reported average annual payroll per employee higher than the national average.

Of the nearly 120 million employed by all businesses with paid employees, more than one-third were employed in three sectors: health care and social assistance, retail trade and manufacturing.

Three states accounted for one-fourth of all establishments with paid employees—California (878,128), Florida (517,069) and New York (515,950).

Among counties with the most employees in 2006, New York County in New York had the highest average annual payroll per employee at $92,138. Santa Clara County in California was second at $76,234.

Los Angeles County had the largest number of business establishments at 249,977, employing nearly 3.9 million. Cook County had the second largest number of business establishments at 131,433, employing 2.4 million workers.

A sampling of the 50 most populous counties in the United States shows average annual payrolls per employee of $59,220 in Fairfax County in Virginia; $50,398 in Harris County in Texas; and $41,038 in Franklin County in Ohio.

These economic numbers come from County Business Patterns: 2006, an annual report that contains data covering the more than 7.6 million businesses with paid employees at the national and state levels, and more than 3,100 counties. The report provides data on the number of establishments, number of employees, and quarterly and annual payroll for most of the 1,100 industries according to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). The report excludes self-employed people, employees of private households, railroad employees, agriculture production workers and most government employees. Information on businesses without paid employees will be released this year as part of the Nonemployer Statistics report. Data for metropolitan statistical areas and five-digit ZIP codes also will be released this year.