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GreenPrint program would offset emissions from fuel and store purchases

BARNHART, Mo. -- Home Service Oil has partnered with GreenPrint LLC to provide carbon offsets for Express Mart customers’ fuel—and in-store—purchases. The program, a partnership between Home Service Oil, GreenPrint and the Arbor Day Foundation, will launch in March 2018. Similar to GreenPrint’s...

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Rural residents can now pump their own gas 24 hours a day

SALEM, Ore. -- Oregon has taken another step toward loosening its self-service fueling restrictions, which places it alongside New Jersey as the only state to forbid the practice at least in part. In January 2016, Oregon began allowing residents of rural counties—areas with a population of 40,000...

Tagline, TV spots highlight brand’s 'Live to the Full' mantra

HOUSTON -- Just in time for the NCAA basketball tournaments, Phillips 66 is launching a new ad campaign—and tagline. “Live to the Full” is the name of the fuel brand’s new 360-degree advertising campaign and its tagline, replacing “Proud To Be Here.” In designing the campaign, Phillips 66 was...

State bill would only allow zero-emission vehicle sales after 2040
After ruling quashes greenhouse gas cuts, governor looks to carbon tax .
Plan to bring in fuel from Midwest could raise prices, challenge supply, retailer argues .
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From hurricanes to Tesla, the biggest news affecting the fuel retail business 

Oil and ethanol supporters to meet this week to discuss fuel blending deal
Fueling-equipment provider partners with ChargePoint
ExxonMobil plans dozens more in 2018 in partnership with Grupo Orsan .