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Suppliers, not stations, mostly responsible for hurricane increases

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Most of the 1,500 gasoline price-gouging complaints filed during Hurricane Dennis will amount to nothing, according to a report in Southwest Florida's News-Press. The hikes were real, but they happened further up the supply chain and hours before Florida's anti-gouging laws...

Two dozen 76 stations left without premium gasoline

NORTH BEND, Wash. --Some North Bend, Wash., drivers did a double-take at a local gas station over the past weekend. Premium gasoline was the same price as regular: $2.49 a gallon, according to a report from KOMO News. "I think we're pretty lucky to get it at that price!" said one customer filling...

Proposed oxygenate repeal raises production concerns

WASHINGTON -- A provision in the massive energy bill that cleared Congress last week is likely to shrink the nation's gasoline supplies next spring and could boost prices 8 cents a gallon or more, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. The provision removes the congressional mandate, in...

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