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Opponents aim to recall fuel-tax increase and its supporters

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Double-digit increases this past week in California’s fuel excise taxes have triggered efforts to recall them and their legislative supporters. The state’s Democrat-led legislature passed Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), a bill that increased the excise tax on gasoline by 12 cents per...

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Customers complained of pump prices $3.99 or higher during Hurricane Harvey

AUSTIN, Texas -- The Texas attorney general has accused more than 100 fuel retailers of price gouging during the state of disaster declared for Hurricane Harvey. The attorney general's office received about 5,500 price-gouging complaints related to Hurricane Harvey, with many including evidence...

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Usage, availability of higher ethanol fuel blends is climbing: Growth Energy, RFA

WASHINGTON -- Higher ethanol blends continue to hit usage and availability milestones. U.S. drivers have traveled a total of 2 billion miles on E15, the 15% ethanol blend, according to Growth Energy . This is as the number of fueling sites offering E15 have tripled over the past year to surpass 1,...

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“Customers are happy with higher octane and retailers are happy because their margins are significantly better with E15,” says Steve Walk, chief operating officer of Protec Fuel.
Donald Trump
Congress could vote early next year on first increase in nearly 25 years
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Costco, Fast Stop among first sites to offer certified fuel .
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Falling prices following the recent hurricanes have made Americans more buoyant about the economy
Amoco gas station new
And the 3 markets that will get the fuel brand first
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50-cents-per-gallon difference between the highest and lowest state gasoline taxes and fees
How gasoline prices, consumption and vehicle costs add up .