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Arco Gas station
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Hundreds of locations to come in next several years
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How increasing fuel diversity can grow retailers’ margin opportunity...

Fuel pumps
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As talk of tax reform grows, operators may have limited time to see these savings .
7-Eleven sign
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Chain partners with GreenPrint on Renew pilot in three states .
Houston oil refinery
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From refinery shutdowns to price gouging to supply issues, how the...

fuel pumps
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When E15 fuel entered the market in 2010, it was approved for use in vehicles 2001 and newer. Now,.
Gas prices sign
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National retail average jumps as Gulf Coast refineries assess damage: AAA .
Hurricane Harvey
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Gasoline supply is ample, prices are meek .
7-Eleven Hydrogen Toyota
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Fuel-cell trucks will deliver product from distribution centers .
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Some convenience-store operators cringe at the thought of fuel-system testing. Here’s what c-store.