2016 Consumer Report

CSP's exclusive research report of what consumers want in the future of convenience retailing, in partnership with Technomic Inc.

Learn Your ABZs

The second annual CSP-Technomic Inc. exclusive consumer research study plows into the next emerging population group, the one whose age by definition leaves them hard to define, but whose traits and expectations are rapidly forming. While demographers peg Gen Z as being born roughly between 1993 and 2012, we are focusing on the older, leading edge of the group—the 16- to 22-year-olds—who make up 9% of our nation.

In the following pages, we’ll take you into Gen Z’s umbilical attachment to technology and how gizmos will influence every purchase behavior, from the cars they’ll drive to the food they'll digest.

The Consumer

Gen Z: The Supersized Millennial

How kids these days are using your stores

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What They Want

Technology Expectations

The first fully plugged-in generation uses technology as a tool

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Get to Know Gen Z

The first age group to grow up with smartphone technology: How this shapes their view

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Hungry Youth Truths

C-stores have a chance with Gen Z--if they focus on fresh

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Fuel Futurists

Don’t expect Gen Z to fuel up the way their parents do

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Drawing Conclusions

Opinion: Gen Now Is Already Shopping Your Store

There’s plenty of talk today about Gen Z as the “next generation of consumers.” But for convenience operators, they’re not next—they’re now.

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