AARA Moving Event to Larger Venue

September 21 show to be held at N.J. Expo & Convention Center

GREEN BROOK, N.J. -- The Asian American Retailers Association (AARA) is organizing its annual tradeshow at the New Jersey Expo & Convention Center in Edison, N.J., on September 21, 2011, to help their members and other retailers to network and make profitable relationships in this economy.

AARA president Prashant Desai said, "We are so excited for this year's show, we are expecting about 120 booths and more than 2,000 retailers attending the show. The basic idea behind the tradeshow is to raise awareness among retailers about the market trends. AARA always tried to be [image-nocss] a voice and tool for the retail community while delivering them a stronger and more profitable future."

Bipin Patel, chairman of AARA said, "Retail businesses are facing very difficult times and we are glad that the show creates an opportunity for store owners to network with other retailers from different region. The most important aspect of the trade show is to have an opportunity to speak to a vendor's point person while negotiating the deals."

AARA team is working hard to make the show a useful event for retailers and vendors.

AARA vice president Jayesh Amin said, "After all these successful trade shows, we are so glad to move to bigger place this year to have the show."

During the show, AARA will offer free wine and liquor tasting. Also, national vendors such as Hershey, Mars, M&M, Coca-Cola, Budweiser and many more will participate in the show.

AARA past president Gary Patel said, "It is important to learn continuously about the industry, new products, deals in the market and offer best to customers. I think the tradeshow always help retailers to understand market better by communicating with other retailers and vendors."

The show is a mixture of three sectors of the industry, said AARA. Vendors of convenience stores, gas stations and liquor stores will be able to help retailers find what they are looking for.

AARA said that it is looking to deliver stronger and more profitable future for our membership. It wants to provide benefits to the retailers to help keep retailers on the cutting edge in this past pace and constantly changing industry.

Green Book, N.J.-based AARA is an association that develops policy, creates economic incentives, communicates information, exposes new products and services and offers tools and strategies for retailers' growth.
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