Kwik Trip Opens Health Clinic for Employees

Effort is part of a trend of businesses offering such services

Kwik Trip convenience stores opens clinic to serve about 3,000 employees in the area and other workers online as Obamacare deadlines approach.

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- As some business struggle with how to manage the new requirements of the Affordable Care Act and whether to provide insurance for their employees, the Kwik Trip convenience store chain has made a symbolic move that shows its commitment to its employees.

Kwik Trip has opened a clinic at its La Crosse, Wis., headquarters to serve about 3,000 employees in the area and other workers online, according to a La Crosse Tribune report. The company's effort is part of a trend of businesses offering such services. Sheetz Inc. opened an employee health and wellness center in November 2012.

KT’s clinic will serve about 3,000 Kwik Trip employees and their families in the La Crosse area and provide online services for them and 8,000 other workers, company benefits manager Mila Spencer told newspaper.

“Basically, any co-worker can use the health center,” Spencer said. “If they’re here for training or just passing through, they can use it. The online resources (which allow employees to make appointments via the web) were really important for us, too.”

“We want to have the best care available and right at your fingertips, so definitely this is the atmosphere to do that in,” Angie Hammond, R.N., health coach and clinic supervisor, told WEAU.

Kwik Trip corporate communications manager John McHugh said Kwik Trip is one of La Crosse’s largest employers.

“For us here at Kwik Trip, the primary reason is our coworkers are our No. 1 one asset, and if they are your No. 1 asset, then you make sure that you put your time and resources into taking care of those people,” said McHugh.

Kwik Trip has 452 stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

The clinic is operated by Marathon Health For Life, a national worksite health care.