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Retailer securing storied hotel to build 500th store for 50th anniversary

TULSA, Okla. -- In its heyday in the 1960s and 70s, the Camelot Hotelresembling a castle complete with a moat, drawbridge and turretsbecame famous for having among its guests Elvis Presley, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. And although Elvis has left the building, now QuikTrip has a contract to...

Positive signs suggest a good start to a potentially great year

NEW YORK -- Will the 12 months of 2007 add up to the convenience-store business' best year yet? According to the industry's version of the Magic 8-Ball, all signs seem to point tomaybe. Just maybe. Last week's CSPNetwork CyberConference, titled How's Business 2007: Going from Great to Good Enough,...

Training is key to Famima's ongoing cultural retail transplant "experiment"

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- When Shiro Inoue opened the first Famima store in West Hollywood, Calif., in 2005, he wanted to change the U.S. image of convenience stores from what he perceived as "a place to stop by if you had to" to "a place where locals want to stop by every day." Inoue--the CEO of...

Seller pursuing other opportunities
Leadership Network announces Outlook Leadership 2007 speaker lineup
Blockbuster, Yum, BK vet replacing the retiring Kelly
CSPI conference dissects independent operator; conveys to suppliers understanding of plight, possibilities
Despite difficult gas environment, chain has four excellent quarters
Sale announcement reveals EZ Energy's focus on Midwestern markets.
Effort to rebrand to 7-Eleven in full swing in Illinois