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Are beefier paychecks and more hours the solution?

CHICAGO -- Although most c-store workers are satisfied with their jobs, respondents say a beefier paycheck and more hours would improve job satisfaction. And retailers have responded: Sixty-six percent reported increasing hourly wages. But the next factor that would make heading into work a little...

Giving a d*mn about c-stores’ bad reputation might be the turning point in the war for talent

CHICAGO -- Three out of four consumers believe they do not want to work at a convenience store. At a time when the economy is at full employment and businesses are battling for talent, can c-stores afford to be regarded so poorly? But perception, as they say, is nine-tenths of reality. Of the...

New location features several firsts

Growth plan includes acquisitions, new-to-industry stores
love's travel stops

Travel-stop operator added new stores, entered new state, acquired truck lube network

New drive-thru design brings foodservice options together
hucks sign

New Indiana site caters to hurried guests and folks who’d like to stay awhile

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The year’s news that made us say ‘Wow!’ or ‘Huh?’ (And sometimes both.)

Tom Bandy

C-store consultant's new book shares how to balance data with management tasks