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Regulation & legislation news affecting the convenience store industry

Agency interviewed lawmakers, e-liquid manufacturer about controversial legislation

INDIANAPOLIS -- The FBI is reportedly interviewing individuals about Indiana’s controversial vaping law that requires suppliers of e-liquids be approved through essentially one firm, The Indianapolis Star reported. According to the report , agents with the FBI have interviewed at least two...

Drilling down to the category level: e-cigs, RYO, cigars and of course more on ‘deeming’

CHICAGO -- For the second day of CSP’s Total Nicotine Conference, the focus narrowed in on more category-level concerns, with segment-specific presentations from Logic Technology Development, Republic Tobacco, JTI and Scandinavian Tobacco Group. Not that the day was free of the federal elephant in...

‘Deeming,’ the local battlefield and tobacco purchase patterns were hot topics

CHICAGO -- This year’s CSP Total Nicotine Conference focuses in on moving with the regulatory winds. So it’s no surprise that the first day of the event began with a presentation by NATO’s executive director Thomas Briant on federal, state and local tobacco regulations. Rajeev Sharma, chief...

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