Regulation & Legislation

Regulation & legislation news affecting the convenience store industry

Vows participation in Equal Pay, First Job and Fair Chance

HERSHEY, Pa. -- The Hershey Co. is supporting three major White House workforce equality initiatives, including the White House Equal Pay Pledge, First Job Compact and Fair Chance Pledge. Through participation in these initiatives, The Hershey Co. said it is reinforcing its commitment to equal pay...

Measure could devalue mom-and-pop businesses

PHILADELPHIA -- The Philadelphia Department of Health has provisionally adopted a new set of tobacco regulations that would impose a limit of one retail store that sells tobacco products per 1,000 residents in each of the 18 districts in the city. This means that if the current density of retail...

Fees, limited supply make adding beer and wine a challenge

ALTOONA, Pa. -- After fighting to open the door to cold beer and wine sales in convenience stores in Pennsylvania, Sheetz Inc. intends to kick it down by adding alcohol beverages to all its c-stores or as many as possible, according to a report in the Central Penn Business Journal. Sheetz...

Eight health groups seek to force FDA to require labels on cigarette packs
$2 per pack proposed for cigarettes and 'equivalent increases' for OTP, e-cigarettes.
Proposal may increase age of purchase to 21
Proposal would swap tax for 5-cents-per-milliliter alternative
Company asserts the Unfair Sales Act impedes its right to engage in commerce
Proposed ordinances projected to increase by 200 compared to last year