Technology news affecting the convenience store industry
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Brought to you by GasBuddy. Convenience stores have evolved to become destinations for more than just fuel. Whether customers want coffee and a snack during the morning commute or a fresh meal for lunch, a clean restroom during a road trip or a spare phone charger for their car, c-stores provide a...

App addition rates drivers on habits that affect fuel usage

BOSTON -- GasBuddy has launched a new Trips feature, which pinpoints exactly where and when users have been guilty of fuel-inefficient driving. With the new Trips feature on the GasBuddy app, drivers get an assessment of their trips based on a three-tier rating system: great, not bad or not great...

And tips for retailers and customers to stay protected

Voice, AI and Chinese wallets forcing innovation worldwide

And four more retail technology updates

Blue lights in one location’s restroom are being tested to deter intravenous drug users
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Seeks interested retailers for mobile platform that allows consumers to place orders, make reservations and more.
Core-Mark mobile app
Order replenishment is one of the most challenging undertakings at c-stores.
Integration provides streamlined payment acceptance and data-breach protection
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The retail giant is transforming the c-store landscape with outside-the-box tech initiatives