Technology news affecting the convenience store industry

First autonomous delivery to a home is ‘giant leap’ toward lofty goal

RENO, Nev. – After achieving what it says is the first fully autonomous drone delivery to a customer’s residence, 7-Eleven Inc. plans to eventually make the entire assortment of merchandise in its convenience stores available via an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The retailer conducted this...

QuikTrip, Sheetz, Buc-ee’s sign on for mobile-payment option

LAKE JACKSON, Texas -- Several convenience retailers have taken a bite of the Apple as it were. QuikTrip, Sheetz and Buc-ee’s are now reportedly accepting the technology company’s form of mobile payment, Apple Pay. In the meantime, several Wal-Mart stores in Canada have reportedly stopped taking...

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One-station retailer allies with local credit union to offer smartphone payment, free coffee

'Pokemon Go' reveals opportunities for location-based retail marketing

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