App Pushes Deal Notifications From Distributors to C-Stores

Southeast wholesaler Stewart Distribution among early adopters of VERGE Promote

HENDERSON, N.C. -- VERGE Retail is launching VERGE Promote, a smartphone application that enables distributors to push the latest deal or limited-time promotion to c-store retailers. The app--built for Android and iPhone devices--can be deployed within 30 days, requires no IT integration and is branded for each distributor.

With VERGE Promote, retailers can choose what type of promotions they receive and place orders for their stores directly from the app. In addition, retailers can provide instant feedback to their distributor, who can then respond in real-time, as well as monitor ongoing order activity, with the platform's intuitive analytics capabilities.

One of the early adopters of the Promote platform includes Southeast wholesaler, Stewart Distribution. "In today's fast-paced retail environment, it's more crucial than ever that we find ways to stay connected with our customers and empower them to get what they want and need for their stores in order to improve their businesses," said Kevin Barnes, Stewart Distribution general manager. "VERGE has developed a tool that does just that and we've been able to get it up and running with very little investment in funds or resources. We're optimistic our customers, as well as our marketing team and partners, will benefit tremendously from this app."  

VERGE Promote is based on the VERGE Connect platform, but with new features and enhancements best suited for the distributor to retailer relationship. Now distributors can provide an unprecedented level of communication to all their customers without geographical or size bias, and in real time, allowing the same access to limited-time promotions across the board. Required registration ensures only authorized users can access the app and place orders for their account.

"Distributors today rely on advancements in mobile technology to not only provide new ways for them to reach and connect with customers, but also to help those retailers improve their bottom line," said Carson Kuehne, VERGE Retail chief innovations officer. "Distributors and c-store retailers are excited about VERGE Promote and we're thrilled to bring this kind of advancement to the industry. We know distributors appreciate the app's features and user-friendly functionality, as well as its reasonable cost and ease of deployment."

Henderson, N.C.-based VERGE is the technology spinoff of M.R. Williams Inc., a company with a 35-year history in retail and a leading East Coast c-store supplier. Verge software products are designed by c-store insiders with decades of retail experience. Currently the company's technology is deployed across more than 2,200 retail outlets and used by tens of thousands of c-store retailers, distributors and consumers nationwide.