Pinnacle Launches Hardware Solutions Resource Group

Offers turnkey technology legwork

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Pinnacle Corp. has formed a new resource group dedicated solely to the hardware and third-party software needs of its clients and prospects.

By teaming up with industry-leading vendors, Pinnacle's Enterprise Sourcing Group (ESG) provides comprehensive turnkey solutions that meet the sourcing requirements of convenience store and petroleum industry retailers.

"We do all the legwork for you so that you can focus on running your business," said Cynthia Kolb, Manager of ESG. "Once we find out what you need [image-nocss] in terms of peripherals and platforms for your back office or point of sale, we procure it and get it to you. You can be assured that what we recommend passes strict quality control evaluation beforehand. This also goes for third-party software."

Pinnacle is a player in the automation technology industry focusing on the c-store and petroleum industries. It delivers products that automate the broad spectrum of c-store operations and supply chain management of fuel operations. Nationwide, Pinnacle's products are used daily in thousands of c-stores to automate and improve their store operations and fuel marketers to increase their efficiency in the complex management of fuel delivery.

Pinnacle solutions move information from the point of sale of merchandise and fuel to the income statement. Pinnacle develops, markets and supports a comprehensive suite of store automation systems including Pinnacle Palm POS, a Microsoft Windows-based POS system using touchscreen technology; Pinnacle Journal Manager, a Windows data management tool for closing and reporting for Palm POS; Pinnacle Oasis Manager Workstation, a Windows-based in-store manager workstation system; Pinnacle PCTrain, a Windows interactive computer-based training program to provide incentives for staff and management; and Pinnacle Loyalink, a web-based versatile customer tracking system to support repeat sales and time-sensitive consumer offer programs.

Pinnacle's Home Office Suite of products includes Pinnacle Price Book, a Windows-based price and scan file and vendor management system; Pinnacle Fuel Smart, a power-house retail and wholesale petroleum accounting system; Microsoft Great Plains, a world-class general accounting system; Pinnacle Auditor, a web-based retail accounting and transaction tracking manager; and Pinnacle POS Manager, a web-based configuration manager for multiple locations.

New product rollouts include Pinnacle Enterprise Performance Management, a near real-time web-based business intelligence suite and Pinnacle Symphony.rf, the next generation of flexible and cost-efficient radio frequency store handhelds.