Retalix Launches Retalix 10 Customer & Marketing Suite

Helps retailers engage customers, strengthening brand differentiation, deliver omni-channel experience

RA'ANANA, Israel -- Retalix Ltd., a leading global provider of software and services to high-volume, high-complexity retailers, said that it is expanding its Retalix 10 offering with the newly launched Retalix 10 Customer & Marketing Suite.

Leveraging the Retalix 10 retail platform, the new Customer & Marketing Suite is tailored specifically to the needs of the retail industry and enables retailers to seamlessly manage customer-centric offers and marketing initiatives across a broad range of interaction channels and shopper touch points to ultimately deliver a true omni-channel experience.

Capitalizing on Retalix's experience in loyalty and promotions, the suite adds robust loyalty and campaign management functionality to the Retalix 10 retail platform's central management capabilities.

The Retalix 10 Customer & Marketing Suite provides retailers with a holistic view of the customer; supports popular communication channels including social networks, dedicated portals, paper and digital coupons, emails, text messages, mobile marketing and location-based campaigns; and allows launching of personalized promotions and one-to-one marketing messages

"Retalix 10 Customer & Marketing Suite is an enhanced evolution of our successful Loyalty & Promotion solution offering," said Retalix CEO Shuky Sheffer. "It is backed by the very same architecture powering our Retail Future Ready Retalix 10 Store & Sales Channels Suite, adding a customer-centric layer to enable a total experience that extends customer interaction beyond the store and the act of shopping throughout every possible phase--before, during and after the shopping cycle."

Retalix offers products and services to help customers manage and optimize their retail operations, differentiate their brand and build consumer loyalty, while providing retailers with the flexibility and scalability to support ongoing business transformation and growth. It offers solutions for point-of-sale (POS), sales channels and in-store management (including mobile and e-commerce), customer management and marketing, merchandising and logistics. By leveraging a multitude of deployment options, including Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), Retalix serves a large customer base of approximately 70,000 stores across more than 50 countries worldwide. Based in Ra'anana, Israel, the company's North America headquarters is in Plano, Texas.