Roadrunner Rolling Out PeopleMatter's Talent Management Platform

Paperless process eliminates need for separate point solutions

Angel Abcede, Senior Editor/Tobacco, CSP

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. -- Roadrunner Markets, a nearly 35-year-old company operating more than 92 convenience stores throughout the Southeast, has forged a partnership to implement the PeopleMatter Platform. PeopleMatter is a talent management solutions provider for hourly workforces.

Managing more than 750 employees, Roadrunner Markets is implementing PeopleMatter HIRE, PeopleMatter LEARN and PeopleMatter SCHEDULE to streamline its human resources processes. The comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform automates applicant tracking, onboarding, training and scheduling.

"Their full platform manages our specific talent management needs. PeopleMatter is easy for all of our managers, employees and applicants to use," said Ryan Broyles, Roadrunner Markets president and CEO.

Retracing PeopleMatter’s history with Roadrunner Markets, Nate DaPore, president and CEO of Charleston, S.C.-based PeopleMatter, told CSP Daily News that the chain had been using a product that partially addressed its human resources needs--mainly the tracking and processing of new hires--and was looking for a broader solution. "We worked with Ryan to identify pain points and provide solutions that would allow them to continue to fuel growth as they continue as a market leader," DaPore said. "They reached out to us because they were aware of our company," he said. "We had productive meetings with them, talking about our mobile [phone] strategy, the ease-of-use of our platform and our 'one-thought-per-screen' philosophy. … Those concepts resonated well."

Roadrunner Markets is currently in the implementation process with PeopleMatter and is scheduled to go live in the first part of next month, said DePore.

"PeopleMatter software is designed to connect with mobile-social employees like those who work for Roadrunner Markets," he said.

PeopleMatter is a complete "hire-to-retire" system that manages all employee processes for the service industry in one place. The integrated paperless process eliminates the need for separate point solutions and is accessible online 24/7. All data input--from the first application to onboarding, training and scheduling--occurs in real-time so information is continually in sync.

HIRE is an applicant tracking system that organizes Roadrunner applicants, candidates and new hires in one place. "Onboarding" is faster with all new-hire paperwork populated from the start. Applicant screening using role-based assessments ensures employees that fit both the position and culture. Background checks, I-9 verification and tax credit processing are completed with the click of the mouse.

Simple online training is achieved with LEARN. Roadrunner managers can assign specific courses by role and location and track the progress of team members. Creating courses using videos, PDFs and SCORM courses is intuitive. Using any computer or smartphone, employees can access courses, training materials and tests anytime, anywhere.

SCHEDULE simplifies the building, controlling and forecasting of schedules. With automated and mobile access, Roadrunner team members will be able to view and share their shifts with anyone. Managers can set rules and preferences to control unplanned overtime and forecast costs.

Johnson City, Tenn.-based Roadrunner Markets' stores are located in Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. They are branded Shell, BP or Sunoco.

Angel Abcede, CSP/Winsight By Angel Abcede, Senior Editor/Tobacco, CSP
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