Technology news affecting the convenience store industry

SmartPay program saves customers $50 million, chain says

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- Cumberland Farms’ mobile app program, SmartPay, has saved customers $50 million since its inception three-and-a-half years ago, the company said. Available as both a payment card and a mobile-payment app, the program automatically saves users 10-cents per gallon. It’s free to...

Counterclaim tries to nullify Wal-Mart lawsuit, claiming breach of contract

FOSTER CITY, Calif. -- Instead of speaking to its chip-and-signature policies, Visa is battling the nation’s largest retailer on grounds of contractual breach, saying Wal-Mart failed to act upon its contractual obligation to allow customers to validate their chip-card payments with a signature. The...

Banks, merchants told to consider capabilities of mobile, digital technology

ATLANTA -- Fingerprints and facial recognition might become the new tools for banks and retailers to fight credit-card fraud, according to two risk-management firms. The technology, called biometrics, can be a viable tool to link customers to their mobile wallets, according to a recommendation from...

Even though mobile payment is becoming synonymous with rewards and customer engagement, payment behavior is in its infancy, while loyalty programs appear more mature and in need of reinvention.

5 tips retailers can relay to help reduce ATM data theft at convenience stores

MasterCard's October 2016 liability-shift date for EMV at ATMs looms.
Convenience stores may offer exclusive promotional downloads
Kroger latest to file against Visa over EMV
‘The app does a lot of the work for you,' retailer says.
Home Depot latest to file lawsuit against Visa, MasterCard