Technology news affecting the convenience store industry

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Burrito chain’s data breach spotlights the struggle to convert to chip readers

DENVER -- More details of Chipotle’s recent malware attack have surfaced, leading to renewed coverage of the progress of Europay Mastercard Visa (EMV) conversions as a matter of security for restaurants and retailers. Chipotle originally reported the security breach during an earnings call on April...

Companies combine to create a 'stronger set of products'

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- EchoSat, a provider of payment security, managed firewall and managed network solutions, is merging with ControlScan, a PCI compliance and security company. With ControlScan's managed compliance services product suite and EchoSat's suite of managed security and network services...

EV charger upgrades could increase use of public and corporate electric vehicles

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Removal of language repealing the amendment seen as a win
Financial CHOICE Act will not include language doing away with swipe-fee limits
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