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Central, Plains states see most unit growth in this month’s tally

Why Sunoco is selling, and why 7-Eleven is buying

DALLAS & IRVING, Texas -- With the sale of more than 1,100 company-operated convenience stores in 18 states to 7-Eleven, Sunoco LP made clear its intention to shift its focus away from retail and toward wholesale fuel distribution. And 7-Eleven Inc.’s more than $3.3 billion purchase of...

Sorting out the 7-Eleven-Sunoco deal (Part II)

‘We were a data company disguised as a convenience store and restaurant,’ founder says

Sorting out the 7-Eleven-Sunoco deal (Part I)

Dollar General seeking to acquire Dollar Express locations, shaking up channel

Sunoco deal takes another major c-store consolidator out of the running

$3.3 billion deal transitions 1,100 retail outlets as seller shifts focus to wholesale

Now operates and supplies more than 1,100 sites in 18 states
Sunoco to sell 200 locations in separate deal, retain others