The Black-Market Boom

Illicit tobacco trade hits close to home for retailers across the globe.

Melissa Vonder Haar, Freelance Writer

Article Preview: 
“Retailers and manufacturers are intimately familiar with the supply chain,” he says. “Although we might not be experts in public policy or setting rules and regulations, we are experts in our business. 
“I think it’s critical that the legal manufacturers and retailers are involved with local governments so we can shut this trade down. We’re all in this together.”

Bill Greiwe’s Fight

During CSP’s 2013 Tobacco Category Review Meeting, Cheyenne International CEO Bill Greiwe spoke passionately about the need for retailers to come together to fight black-market tobacco sales, and for publications such as CSP to adequately report on the issue. Greiwe passed away in September, but his fight lives on.
“As an advocate for the tobacco channel, Bill Greiwe was always passionate about the challenges the industry faced, especially this one,” says Jessica Fratarcangelo, marketing director for the Grover, N.C.-based company. “Bill knew that black market and illicit trade would produce lost revenues for both retailers and manufacturers, so he encouraged the industry to understand the implications. It was important to Bill that the tobacco community support the need to duly enforce and eliminate the black market trade of tobacco products.”


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