April 2012 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

J.F., BR is always pleased to provide you with beauty tips. 

Congrats to Vickie Grimes of Boyd Coffee on her much-deserved promotion!

What does one major manufacturer consider the “bellwether” of foodservice trends? College campuses.

J.W., we’re still waiting to see peanut butter on your burgers. It’s good—really!

BR hears execs at a Midwest c-store chain were jumping through hoops recently after two category managers left the company. Hope things have calmed down! 

Huck’s is daring to aim high with its new popcorn program. “We think we can sell popcorn cheaper than the movie theaters,” jokes CEO Todd Jenney.

Edmund W., after that explanation of the name, we’ll never look at Turtle Market the same again!

That cowboy from Ranglers tipped his hat to the lady, grinned and backed up after walking into the ladies’ room. No, Don, turn to your other left.

Don’t talk to Pam D. about medical marijuana; that’s not her drug of choice. 

A source in the know tells BR that graphic warning labels on cigarettes will never happen in the U.S

G.L., sorry you couldn’t make our coffee meeting, but we’re glad it was for such a great reason! Congrats! BR hears hummus almost found a niche in a couple of c-stores in Arizona.

C-Store Philosophy 1: C.L. says we’re kind of like cockroaches. Even in bad times, you still need a Snickers bar.

C-Store Philosophy 2: A.S. says bananas are like women—they’re all great, but the best ones have freckles.

One of the biggest reimaging programs for 2012 is set to start in the south, BR hears.

To Tony M. at General Mills: Welcome to this side of the business!

Why does one retailer hate GasBuddy? “Because I’ve got the highest gas price in town.”

Look for Miller Lite to get a welcome marketing push this spring.

If you catch V.J.P. glancing at his smartphone, there’s a good chance he’s doing surveillance on his store.

BR hears B.B. will be rebranding two of his stores to Chevron ExtraMile.

Note to smokers: Don’t ask Dan B. in South Dakota for a light if it’s colder than 20 degrees.

BR hears that a big Pennsylvania chain has added a new branded water to its packaged-beverage lineup.

Who knew Scottie T. also was musically talented? Good luck in the theater restoration!  

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