August 2013 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

An attendee giving a rap performance at 2 a.m. in the hotel lobby? Only at FARE.

Hey, G.S., is your bun OK?

N.K., who knew you were in pictures? Looking forward to seeing the film.

Got it, B.P.: “Choke one down” is a bad choice of words.

BR hears a Midwest chain will soon have a new wholesale supplier.

A good way to test the soundness of a new food concept, says Eric S.: Can you explain it to a 4-year-old?

What do French-fry packages and a Harvard grad with comedic skills have in common? One FARE supplier!

We want to play Pong on a billboard using our smartphones, J.T. Where can we find one?

Kudos to CEFCO/Fikes Wholesale, whose annual “Hackers-R-Us” golf tournament, held in May, resulted in $650,000 being donated to children’s hospitals.

We want to try flying in under a body of water, E.B.

Retailers are probably already using “big data,” says Justin M. They probably just don’t know it.

A foodservice data supplier is also a fiddler on the canopy, as it were.

One Northeast retailer’s demographic is a guy checking out with an Angus burger in one hand and a fruit cup in the other.

Who knew P.M. was a pro with a stick and puck? Of course, considering his home state, it’s a given, right?

BR hears T.S. has two new (furry) best friends he can barely stand to be away from.

External seating is a huge cue to the public about foodservice, says one East Coast retailer.

BR hears five Chicago grocer execs lost 105 pounds using MyFitnessPal app—congrats!

“Peasant foods” are in, says Mark D. Just look at how upscale ramen is getting.

Who knew G.B. was a genuine jazz singer?

BR wishes Rosemary W. all the best as she climbs a new pinnacle!

I.G. knows you can’t sing a proper karaoke song without the right outfit.

B.D., it appears a strong aesthetic eye runs in your family! Your daughter is a gifted artist.

K.B., maybe you should stock up on peanut butter next time you fly.

Hey, NNE gang: No rooting around in the trash next time. We promise!

W.R., great to meet you—and sorry about the mistaken identity.

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