December 2011 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

 J.F., you’ve confirmed what we already knew: You have a lot of heart. Best wishes.

So Snooki was R.C.’s idea? Really?

Shirley Jaffe, you are an inspiration to all in the industry.

Overheard from an innovative retailer: “Make sure the store is neat and clean, but not too neat and clean. We don’t want to frighten away Bubba.”

Happy 50th anniversary to John and Ann D. Here’s to the next 50!

One Texas-based tech company sees scan-based trading as a growing trend.

BR has noticed more c-stores giving home-meal replacement a go. Will they have better luck than grocers?

J.S., love the new song. We hear Clapton is looking for a new band member.

Is romance is in the air for J.M. and J.M.?

Steve B., congrats to your son on his contract in Vegas!

K.B.D., they say the first 13.1 miles is the hardest. Congrats on finishing your first half-marathon!

BR hears upselling and mobile wallets will be the big trends in 2012.

M.L., a tip of the cap(s) to you and yours for calm days ahead. Congrats to newly engaged E.B.! C.H., bring on those highlighter hues! F.M., here’s hoping your bull-riding days really are over.

BR hears some bigname marketing and ops directors could be joining new companies soon. Nice to see talent appreciated.

M.J., how’s the Alaskan halibut? Remember, Anchorage is less than a day’s flight.

BR hears a major retailer in the Southeast is testing a new dealer strategy.

G.M., check those wheels before your next triathlon. You look great, though, and nice glasses!

We’ll never confuse Jack Pester with Dick Cheney again. Thanks, T.G.

B.K.’s resume includes church activities and his Harley club membership. Hog heaven!

Hot saki or cold saki? Whatever Joe D. is having.

C-stores buying other c-stores? Old news. Envision c-stores partnering with refiner-marketers in many ways, says T.K.

Congrats to Ken Doyle of SIGMA on the arrival of his first grandchild, Ellie Grace!

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