June 2012 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

Good luck to T.P. on leaving the wild c-store industry to return to the calmer world of … politics.

P.C., enjoy your trip to Calcutta. Hope you can handle the heat!

M.D. questions Mi­chelle O. He doesn’t think the “food des­ert” store she visited in Chicago was in a food desert.

BR hears one midsize retailer in the South has had enough suc­cess with fresh sand­wiches in the morning that he’s now looking to the lunch day-part.

H.S. tries to step down from leader­ship in the 7-Eleven FOAC, but they keep pulling him back in!

L.C., you’re a great mom to let the boy fly.

Warehouse clubs are looking beyond bulk to smaller package sizes of candy to draw new customers into the category, BR hears.

Who’s the angry coffee guy in a hairnet?

Congrats to Arturo Z. on a visit from the stork!

S.M., you wear a “beard net” with grace and style.

One big retailer has a lofty goal: for food­service to account for 20% of its sales by year-end 2014.

Brady and Clayton, you are great slurpers. You’d fit right in at a Japanese noodle shop.

K.C., who knew you were a Coldplay groupie?

BR hears Couche- Tard execs kept late hours working on the Statoil Fuel & Retail acquisition. But CEO Alain Bouchard says it’s part of the process: “Couche-Tard means going to bed late!”

Bill G., we want to hear more bootlegging stories.

BR hears a large dis­tributor has a fountain first in the works.

No bull about your “running with the bulls” credentials, L.K.?

First-quarter 2012 saw a hefty margin squeeze at the pumps, says Stan M., but at least people still want to treat them­selves to doughnuts!

T.D., BR hears you’ll stay away from the term “other novelties” from now on.

BR hears talk of Southeast price wars and a secret “plan” by one large chain.

Look for a relaunch of a big Nestle Waters brand later this year.

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