Mystery Shop Part 2: The Results

Melissa Vonder Haar, Freelance Writer

Abbey Lewis, Editor in Chief, CSProducts

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While Cumberland Farms narrowly eeked out a win in this year's CSP/Service Intelligence Mystery Shop, all of the 10 convenience-store retailers included in the study achieved admirable highlights. Here's a look at who fared best in each of the survey categories.

Audits for the 2014 Mystery Shop were conducted from April 24, 2014, to June 4, 2014. All audits were carried out between 11:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., any day of the week. Mystery shoppers completed a survey following each visit, with each response receiving equal value. What follows is the list of chains shopped, and how often each chain was visited during the mystery shop.

Brands Shopped

  Number of stores Number of time shopped
Cumberland Farms 574 99
Kwik Trip 452 104
Maverik 264 87
Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes 78 68
Pump N Pantry 17 24
Rutter's Farm Stores 60 59
QuikTrip 685 121
Sheetz 466 98
Speedway 1,487 91
Thorntons 172 86

Overall Performance by Brand

For the first time, Cumberland Farms sits at the top of the list overall, edging out four-time winner Kwik Trip by four-tenths of a point.

Brand Overall score
Cumberland Farms 95.0%
Kwik Trip 94.6%
Maverik 93.9%
Pump N Pantry 93.6%
Rutter's Farm Stores 92.8%

Interior and Exterior Cleanliness (Top finishers)

Were the pump island and its pumps clean?

Kwik Trip 100%
Maverik 100%
QuikTrip 100%

Was all exteriorsignage in good condition?

Kwik Trip 100%
Maverik 100%
QuikTrip 100%

Was the restroom clean?

Pump N Pantry 100%
Rutter's 100%
Cumberland Farms 100%

Were all the lights you saw in the store working?

Nice N Easy 100%
Rutter's 100%
Speedway 96.7%

Mystery shoppers say ...

“One pump island had dirt caked on the island. The diesel pumps were filthy.”

“Someone’s undergarments were left in the stall.”

“A nice consideration ... was two immaculate water bowls for canines.”

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