November 2011 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

G.M., BR is always happy to keep your underwear safe.

D.M., J.H. and T.G., looking good!

Congrats to Eric Rush of Quick Chek, the winner of CSP’s Check In & Win promotion at the NACS Show! Have a great time in Australia!

There are worse places than Ditka’s to be thrown out of, right, T.A. and J.B.?

An oil chain North of the border is putting forth an economical version of its flagship design, with almost 50 conversions.

Hey, Brock R., thanks for thinking about “the nerds.”

Happy retail marriage to D.P. and D.G. You were great before and will be even better this time around. Just how many types of fuel can one chain fit on a pump? S.Z. may find out. D.M., we’re flattered, but get your photo priorities straight!

Great seeing you on the floor, Bob G., and all the best on your new real-estate business.

Where does all of Diane M.’s comedic talent come from? Bill D. pointed back to himself.

One Texas retailer says his customers’ idea of a healthy “food desert” option is frozen pizza. Once added to the coolers, it began to do quite well, says B.K.

H.R., congrats on your canopies being hurricane-proof!

A fine line: BR hears some suppliers are “partnering” with competitors because overlaps are too great.

One big franchisee took out “planned groceries” from its sets because the products made up less than half a percent of sales.

BR hears one former c-store CEO is now taking turns as a Porsche Clubs of America instructor, “teaching others how to drive their cars the way they were meant to be driven.”

M.M., we’ll miss you in the snacks world. Then again, you really aren’t “retiring.”

S.H., you planned that foot injury, didn’t you?

Overheard at the NACS Show: “We (Couche-Tard) are overdue to acquire some more assets. Stay tuned.”

B.E., we always knew you were a rock star!

Good luck to a Panhandle chain on its eight-day “extreme makeover.”

It’s back to Motel 6 for J.M. It was fun while it lasted.  

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