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Abbie Westra, Director, Editorial, CSP

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Roller-grill item

Ruiz Foodswww.elmonterey.com

Ruiz Foods has rolled out two new flavors in its extensive Tornados line. Buffalo Bleu Chicken features a cayenne red sauce and blue cheese crumbles in a spicy, seasoned tortilla. Chipotle BBQ Chicken features chicken and a spicy chipotle barbecue sauce inside a crispy tortilla shell. They join an extensive lineup of Tornados flavors for both a.m. and p.m. day-parts.

Customizable sandwiches

Advance Pierre Foods www.advancepierre.com

Three new meat options have been added to the Fast Fixin’ Sandwich Bar: Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki Glaze, Angus Meatloaf with Ketchup and Spicy Buffalo-Style Breaded Chicken. Fast Fixin’ provides hot, fresh, customizable sandwiches in a self-serve format. Meat is shipped in proprietary moisture-lock packaging that allows product to be warmed in microwave, conventional or convection ovens with no food handling required.

Fresh-brewed iced tea

Lipton www.unliverfoodsolutions.us/liptonsample

Fresh-brewed iced tea has a 98% average profit margin, making it more profitable than fountain, bottled or liquid-concentrate iced tea, according to Lipton. It’s also one of the fastest-growing items in c-stores, according to data from Mintel. Lipton is offering a free sample to c-store retailers to discover if Lipton Fresh Brewed Iced Tea is right for them. To receive a free sample, visit www.unliverfoodsolutions.us/liptonsample.

Cake batter milkshake

f’real foods LLCwww.freal.com

F’real is launching a limited edition Cake Batter milkshake flavor beginning May 24. The flavor was met with strong success in test markets, earning the No. 1 spot in IRI’s Top New Items in U.S. Convenience Stores study for the 13 weeks ending June 24, 2012. The Cake Batter milkshake joins f’real’s extensive lineup of ice-cream milkshakes, real fruit smoothies and frozen cappuccinos.

Onion topping

Loeb’s Onion Crunch www.onioncrunch.com

Made from fresh, specially selected sweet onions that are lightly fried and seasoned, Loeb’s Onion Crunch is a unique addition to a condiment bar. Encourage customers to use Onion Crunch on top of hot dogs, soups, salads, hamburgers or other foodservice items. Flavors include Original, Bacon, BBQ and Chipotle. Onion Crunch is kosher par eve and vegan.

Baked goods

Prairie City Bakery www.pcbakery.com

Prairie City Bakery has added three new brands for the most complete package in wrapped bakery offerings. In addition to Prairie City Bakery’s original, premium thaw-and-sell brand, it now offers Tina’s, the everyday pastry solution; Tina’s Traditions, all-time, traditional favorite snacks; andDulce Pradera, the authentic Mexican pastry brand. Each of these unique brands offers its own consistent look, taste, positioning and price point.


Land Mark Productswww.daynnightbites.com

After two years of development, Day’n Night Bites has rolled out three calzone varieties formulated specifically for the c-store industry. The portable, nearly half-pound heat-and-eat calzones are available in 5-Meat, Philly and Pepperoni varieties. The calzone retains the value of a traditional pizza product with a projected retail price of less than $3, according to the company.


American Foods Groupwww.americanfoodsgroup.com

Sheboygan Specialty Sausage, from American Foods Group, features hand-selected cuts of beef and pork blended with fine spices and carefully smoked in small batches for ideal flavor and texture. They contain no fillers, flavor enhancers or binders. Sheboygan Specialty Sausage joins American Foods Group’s extensive line of meats for the freezer case and foodservice menu.

Beverage flavorings

Sunny Sky Products www.sunnyskyproducts.com

Eden Gourmet Syrups & Shakers allows consumers to create a coffeehouse-style treat by creating their own customized coffee, latte, hot cocoa or cappuccino. Eden Gourmet Syrups are available in 11 flavors, including sugar-free, and come in six-count packages including 750-ml bottles with a pump. Eden Gourmet Shakers are available in French Vanilla, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Cookies & Cream and Mini Marshmallows.

Filtration systems

A.J. Antunes www.ajantunes.com

ClearBev offers both cartridges and complete systems for water filtration. ClearBev cartridges reduce sediment, chemical taste and odor and scale and can be used as a single cartridge, or as a multistage filter system for high-flow applications. ClearBev systems, meanwhile, allow operators to create a custom filtration setup from eight different configurations.

Display Case

Hartco Corp.www.hatcocorp.comT

The Flav-R-Savor curved display case showcases food from all angles and accommodates a variety of pan sizes. Convected-air technology provides maximum holding times and peak serving temperatures for unwrapped foods. A perforated stainless-steel shelf enhances air movement over food products, while a hinged, tempered front glass panel tilts forward for easy cleaning for employees.

Tortilla chips

Tyson Deliwww.tysondeli.com

Tyson now offers Mexican Original Tortilla Chips that are fried on-site and can be held for up to three hours, or bagged and sold by the pound with a seven-day shelf life. Frying takes 3 minutes per batch, and even stores with small fryers can prepare one or two 15-pound cases in 30 minutes. Each case yields approximately 14 bags of chips. The chips are available in green, yellow, white

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