Tobacco: Cigars 2014

Year-end 2014 sales data for cigars, flavored cigars, little cigars and more

Samantha Oller, Senior Editor/Fuels, CSP

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Where the Gains Are

C-store sales, 52 weeks ending Dec. 21, 2013

According to IRI, c-store dollar sales of cigars fell 2.7% to reach $2.4 billion, while unit sales rose 2.0% in the 52 weeks ending Dec. 29, 2013. In a Nielsen database that tracks sales from 20 large c-store chains representing about 13,000 sites, dollar sales of cigars barely budged, while unit sales rose more than 11%. The database reflects purchases at these large chains, most of which have 500 stores or greater.

TypeUnit sales (millions)PCYAC-store sales ($ millions)PCYA
Natural leaf43.80.5%$44.1-0.8%
Total cigars
(including segments
not shown)
Sales by Pack Size: 20 Large Chains    
Pack typeUnit sales (millions)PCYAC-store sales ($ millions)PCYA
Foil pouch112.155.3%$67.739.0%
Little Cigars: 20 Large Chains    
SegmentUnit sales (millions)PCYAC-store sales ($ millions)PCYA
Little cigars194.1-9.2%$34.6-5.7%

Sources: The Nielsen Co., Swedish Match North America

Distributor Data: Cigar Shipments

Calendar year 2013

McLane shipments of cigars dipped more than 3% in 2013, although little-cigar singles were up sharply.

SegmentAvg. shipments per store per week (in dollars)Avg. shipments per store per week (dollar growth)PCYA
Cigars, singles$127.95$0.610.5%
Cigars, packs$76.64-$4.82-5.9%
Little cigars, packs$19.74-$3.63-15.5%
Little cigars, singles$1.96$0.3018.0%
Cigar wraps$6.35-$0.44-6.4%
Total cigars$232.64-$7.97-3.3%

Source: McLane Co

Pack-Type Trends: 20 Large Chains

C-store sales, 52 weeks ending Dec. 21, 2013

Foil-pouch products contributed nearly 30% of dollar sales and almost 40% of unit sales in the cigar category at the chains in the Nielsen Large Convenience Chain sample.

Pack typeDollar share
Foil pouch29.8%
Pack typeUnit share
Foil pouch38.9%

Sources: The Nielsen Co., Swedish Match North America

Units and Dollars by Pack Size: 20 Large Chains

C-store sales, 52 weeks ending Dec. 21, 2013

Nearly 40% of cigar unit sales came from small foil pouches for the retailers in Nielsen’s Large Convenience Chain database.

Pack typeStick volume (millions)PCYAUnit shareC-store sales (millions)PCYADollar share
Small foil pouch111.756.6%38.7%$67.440.0%29.7%
Small single93.4-4.7%32.4%$82.8-10.4%36.4%
Small pack73.6-4.7%25.5%$63.2-8.9%27.8%
Large pack5.5-19.5%1.9%$6.4-18.2%2.8%
Large single3.7-22.1%1.3%$7.0-16.5%3.1%
Large foil pouch0.4-51.0%0.1%$0.3-46.9%0.1%

Sources: The Nielsen Co., Swedish Match North America


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