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Off-premise consumption growth, day-part bright spots and more
CSP Magazine
When analyzing data on which beverages are offered across multiple channels, data outliers include obvious trends such as the prevalence of packaged beverages in convenience stores. College & university (C&U) overindexed on smoothies and specialty coffee drinks.
CSP Magazine
Foodservice is not for the impatient, especially if you’re running a convenience store. Convenience-store foodservice traffic grew 1% last year compared to flat growth for both quick-service restaurants (QSR) and food/drug channels. That’s down from 2% growth in 2012 and 3% in 2011.
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Coffee By the Numbers 2014

The importance of a strong coffee program to c-store sales is apparent in numbers provided at CSP’s Hot Dispensed Beverages Meeting. With its potential for margin and the higher-than-average spend of coffee drinkers, the case for a successful coffee program is as strong as a dark cup of joe.

How important are each of these in
influencing your decision to stop at a c-store?
Percent of respondents saying
“important or “very important”
Convenient location90%
Taste and flavor of the food90%
Quality of the beverages87%
$50.3 Billion Retail Sales of Hot Beverages in 2013 
Limited-service restaurants47%
Full-service restaurants16%
2.8 Billion Gallons of Hot Beverages Sold 
Limited-service restaurants39%
Full-service restaurants16%
Gross Margin Comparison 
Hot, cold, frozen dispensed beveragesGreater than 70%
Prepared sandwiches, fresh fruit, soup40%-60%
Hot Dispensed Beverage Breakdown of Purchases at C-stores in 2013 
Specialty hot coffee24%
Hot cocoa2%
Hot tea1%
Which of the following types of coffee do you purchase from convenience stores at least occasionally (about every 90 days)? 
Brewed regular hot coffee79%
Machine-dispensed hot specialty coffee40%
Canned or bottled coffee beverage31%
Brewed cold or iced coffee25%
Machine-dispensed cold or iced specialty coffee23%
Made-from-scratch specialty coffee22%
Scratch cold or iced specialty coffee16%

Source: Technomic

* Note: The disparity in price over volume may indicate that c-stores serve less expensive cups of coffee, according to Technomic.