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Take Craft Back campaign seeks funding from beer lovers

BOULDER, Colo. -- In an elaborate publicity stunt, the Brewers Association, the not-for-profit organization that represents America’s small and independent brewers, has announced the craft brewing community’s intent to "Take Craft Back" from big beer. The #TakeCraftBack campaign seeks to...

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Cook County, Ill., leaders pull the plug on surcharge after 71 days

CHICAGO -- Public outcry in Chicago and surrounding Cook County, Ill., has been heard: The Cook County Board overwhelmingly voted Oct. 11 to repeal its 1-cent-per-ounce sweetened-beverage tax. The decision is also a victory for retailers, because many feared the tax was a model for similar measures...

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Newer technologies on the market take the guesswork out of good coffee management. Here’s a look at some of those steps and the technologies to support them.

Brought to you by BUNN ® . Even if a retailer has gone to great lengths to source a top roaster and develop the perfect recipe, all that effort goes to waste if coffee is brewed at a bad temperature, held too long or made with inferior tap water. The good news: Newer technologies on the market take...

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