Beverage category news for the convenience store retail industry.

Total store sales, gross profit dollars improve for alcohol and nonalcohol segments

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Beverage maker sees ride-hailing vehicles as a 'new distribution channel'

ATLANTA -- The Coca-Cola Co. is partnering with Cargo, an in-car commerce platform for the ride-hailing economy, to offer beverages to passengers in Cargo-equipped vehicles across the United States. The partnership marks Cargo’s launch in Atlanta, the company’s first expansion into the Southeastern...

Or, why you're not allotting enough space to these money-makers

CHICAGO -- If a retailer’s six-pack beer sales are enjoying a hefty spike, they ought to thank their single-serve cans and bottles for the assist. Small only in stature, 16-, 24- and 40-ounce beer servings are driving sales and attracting their own core users. Singles also are proving to be a...


New products aim for light and refreshing

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First drugstore chain joins grocers in limiting sales to consumers 16 and older
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Energy drinks see most improvement in months on back of Monster

Bottles may contain particles of glass
Coca-Cola technology test correlates cooler-door opens with actual sales
New line of 4 organic, carbonated drinks will launch in limited markets April 2

As Coca-Cola Co. extends Dasani Sparkling, smaller brands look for their niche