Beverage category news for the convenience store retail industry.

Niche beverage maker aims to 'disrupt the premium water category'

BOTHELL, Wash. -- Nearly 20 years after its debut, a premium bottled water brand reached out to the mainstream this week with the launch of a marketing campaign in conjunction with new packaging and brand identity. Essentia Water, an ionized alkaline bottled water first introduced in 1998, will...

Rolls out reformulated iced teas with 'less is more' promotion aimed at millennials

Cold brew coffee continues to sweep the nation as independent coffee shops, retail stores and even coffee giants such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts add it to their menus.

Brought to you by DanoneWave Away From Home. Cold coffee is hot. But we’re not talking about your basic cup of joe on ice. Cold brew coffee—the smooth, full-bodied, coffee-forward drink made by steeping freshly ground beans in filtered water—continues to sweep the nation as independent coffee shops...

Eight of the top 10 most successful product launches in convenience stores were drinks, underscoring the importance of introductions in the packaged-beverage category.

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