A-B Rolls Out Select 55

55-calorie beer available in 15 U.S. markets

ST. LOUIS -- Anheuser-Busch has launched Select 55, a light beer, in select test markets across the United States. A smooth, light golden lager with 55 calories and 1.9g carbohydrates per each 12-oz. serving, Select 55 answers a growing demand among a segment of adult drinkers who are seeking lower-calorie alcohol beverages to complement their busy lifestyles, the brewer said.

Featuring a light golden color, Select 55 is made with caramel malts and a blend of imported and domestic hopping. Brewed to complement the full-flavor of Budweiser Select, Select 55 features a recipe [image-nocss] that gives the beer its crisp finish with aroma notes of toasted malt and subtle hopping, the company said.

Select 55 is available in 15 markets across the country including Tampa, Fort Myers and Orlando, Fla.; Chicago and Peoria, Ill.; Louisville, Ky.; Green Bay, Wis.; Bloomington, Ind.; Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio; Des Moines, Iowa; San Diego; Dallas, Austin and Wichita Falls, Texas; and Arizona.

Brewed at Anheuser-Busch's St. Louis brewery, Select 55 is available in 12-oz., clear-signature crown glass bottles in 6-packs and 12-packs, and 12-oz. aluminum cans in 12-packs and 18-packs.

"Select 55 is ideal for adults who want to enjoy beer without feeling guilty about the calories," said Pat McGauley, vice president of Innovation for St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch Inc.

Anheuser-Busch is the leading American brewer, holding a 49.2% share of U.S. beer sales, it said. The company brews the world's largest-selling beers, Budweiser and Bud Light. Anheuser-Busch also owns a 50% share in Grupo Modelo, Mexico's leading brewer. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the leading global brewer, and continues to operate under the Anheuser-Busch name and logo.