A Clydesdale Leads the Super Bowl Ad Parade

Budweiser commercial tops USA Today, Ace Metrix rankings

NEW ORLEANS -- Anheuser-Busch fielded Super Bowl XLVII's top commercial, according to both USA Today and Ace Metrix--a heartwarming tale of the bond between a trainer and the Budweiser Clydesdale he raised.

The winning Budweiser commercial is about a man who breeds, raises and bonds with a Clydesdale horse, only to wistfully watch it leave for the big time. Then, three years later, at a big-city parade, man and horse reunite.

For St. Louis-based AB, it is a return to marketing glory after slipping out of Ad Meter's top five last year. Through the years, AB has won 12 Ad Meters, more than any other advertiser, said the newspaper.

Paul Chibe, vice president of U.S. marketing, said that he is "incredibly proud" of the Clydesdale commercial. It "touches a chord," in consumer hearts, he told the paper.

The baby Clydesdale featured in the AB ad was born on Jan. 16. Prior to the big game, AB launched a social media campaign asking consumers to suggest names for the young horse. Among the names offered up: Barley, Buddy and Brewster. AB expects to announce the foal's name on Tuesday.

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Beverage brand commercials, as rated by USA Today's Ad Meter:

  • Budweiser: Horse and trainer reunited (No. 1).
  • Coke: Security Camera (No. 12).
  • Bud Light: Bud Light Voodoo (No. 22).
  • Milk: The Rock running (No. 23).
  • Bud Light: Bud Light lucky chair (No. 29).
  • Coke: Mirage (No. 30).
  • SodaStream: The effect of SodaStream (No. 35).
  • Pepsi Next: Parents like to party (No. 42).
  • Pepsi: Halftime show countdown (No. 45).
  • MiO Fit (No. 46).
  • Budweiser Black Crown: Black Crown party (No.51).
  • Beck's: Beck’s Sapphire fish singing (No. 52).
  • Budweiser Black Crown: Black Crown coronation (No. 53).

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Beverage brand commercials, as ranked by Ace Metrix:

  • Budweiser: Brotherhood (No. 1).
  • Milk: Morning run (No. 2).
  • Coke: Security Camera (No. 3).
  • SodaStream: SodaStream Effect (No. 7).
  • Pepsi Next: Party (No. 25).
  • Coke: Mirage (No. 26).
  • Bud Light: Voodoo (No. 30).
  • Budweiser Black Crown: Celebration (No. 32).
  • Beck's Sapphire: Smoothest Beck's Yet (No. 35).
  • Budweiser: Coronation (No. 37).
  • Bud Light: Lucky Chair (No. 42).
  • Mio Fit: Change Is Coming (No. 43).

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