Negra Modelo Launching First TV Spots With Bayless

Ads highlight brand's ability to pair well with variety of meal options

Rick Bayless

CHICAGO -- Negra Modelo beer will complement the forthcoming ninth season of Chef Rick Bayless' Emmy-nominated series Mexico: One Plate at a Time with the debut of the brand's first-ever television advertising. The new season premieres Saturday, May 4, on PBS and features Bayless incorporating the unique styles, culture and flavors of Mexico into his legendary cooking.

Two new spots, "Judged" and "Meals," highlight Negra Modelo's premium quality and ability to pair well with a variety of meal options, particularly the Latin flavors that Chef Bayless uses to create his flavorful dishes.

"Negra Modelo is the lead brand in our robust partnership with Chef Bayless because of the brand's strong history with quality cuisine," said Jim Sabia, chief marketing officer for Crown Imports, Negra Modelo's exclusive U.S. importer. "Our new creative for Negra Modelo showcases how the beer pairs so wonderfully with food, which is reflective of Chef Bayless' culinary approach."

The partnership between Crown Imports and Bayless includes sponsorship of Mexico: One Plate at a Time, as well as Negra Modelo appearing alongside Bayless' Frontera-branded lineup of salsas, grilling sauces and organic chips for a national promotion, which the company will leverage at retail with point-of-sale (POS) and value-added promotions supporting Negra Modelo and other brands within the Crown portfolio.

Crown Imports and Bayless will also introduce branded food pairings and recipes later this summer, which will be featured across brand social media channels.

Chicago-based Crown Imports LLC is a joint venture that imports, distributes and markets the Modelo portfolio and other fine beer brands across the United States. The Modelo portfolio includes Corona Extra, Corona Light, Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo, Pacifico and Victoria (in select markets) beer brands. Crown also imports the Tsingtao beer brand in the United States.