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When is an adult not an adult? That question is being asked more frequently as an increasing number of states, and now local governments, seek to place further restrictions on the sale of tobacco products by raising the legal age to purchase tobacco products. However, raising the legal age also has unintended financial consequences for retailers and state governments.
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A lesson that hits home for the top convenience retailers: knowing that no matter how good I am today, I must get better tomorrow. Because if I don’t, someone will surpass me.
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We in the convenience-store industry have an awful lot to be proud of. So my hat is off to NACS for making our industry’s perception one of the association’s key focuses in the coming year and beyond.
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Chain already has several convenience stores in the works in Delaware Valley

Cigarette-Lighter Sales Remain Flat in 2014

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cigarette lighter sales trend in convenience stores
After two years of slowing growth, cigarette-lighter sales are running flat for a second year in a row, down just 0.13% during the 52 weeks ending Aug. 10, 2014, according to IRI data.
Top-Selling Cigarette Lighters in Convenience Stores

52 weeks ending Aug. 10, 2014

Brand Dollar sales PCYA* Unit Sales PCYA*
Bic $360,484,096 1.08% 240,830,016 -1.62%
Bic Limited Edition $77,643,272 7.60% 44,639,140 4.26%
Bic Pro Series $14,812,802 4.51% 7,746,091 -1.14%
Flick My Bic $14,566,476 15.40% 8,206,500 10.05%
The American Match $8,538,093 22.76% 9,826,048 11.32%
Bic Duck Dynasty $7,902,518 NA 4,134,475 NA
Bic Collectors Series $6,556,709 18.23% 3,473,794 13.92%
Nobrand $5,070,994 -14.60% 4,463,632 -25.93%
Private label $4,811,658 -16.70% 5,086,569 -14.65%
Bic BX7 $4,407,763 109.54% 3,475,546 93.35%
King $3,588,292 62.03% 4,410,197 62.18%
Calico $2,984,230 0.01% 3,360,627 1.65%
Bic NASCAR $2,048,217 -23.36% 1,105,703 -24.26%
Zippo $1,952,307 -12.74% 79,356 -11.41%
Bic Admit One $1.802,241 NA 1,027,562 NA
5 Flags $1,786,911 3.67% 1,643,011 0.14%
Bic Comfort $1,516,064 -57.20% 644,314 -57.51%
Djeep $1,430,234 -2.05% 778,970 -0.56%
TOTAL $552,627,648 3.09 371,172,032 -0.13%

Source: IRI

* Percent change from a year ago

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