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Ohio plan would dictate timing of changes

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- An Ohio lawmaker reacting to public discontent over the cost of gasoline wants to regulate when gas stations can raise their prices. Sen. Kirk Schuring (R) has introduced legislation that would bar stations from hiking prices until they receive a new shipment of gas. County...

ConocoPhillips and Motiva to increase U.S. capacity

HOUSTON -- Two months after Hurricane Katrina raised myriad concerns over refining costs and capacity, two oil companies -- ConocoPhillips and Motiva Enterprises -- are making plans to expand their refining capacity in coming years. Motiva Enterprises LLC, a joint venture between Shell Oil Co. and...

Colorado rep seeks more reasonable pricing

GOLDEN, Colo. -- As Colorado state Rep. Gary Lindstrom stood next to his car at a Golden, Colo., gas station on Saturday taking advantage of the $2.10-per-gallon price, he saw a tanker truck parked across the lot. Approaching the driver, Lindstrom, a member of the House transportation committee,...

Commission finds numerous conditions added up to record prices
Gasoline supply, demand, price all normalizing, says Lundberg
Terminal problem being resolved
K&G Petroleum LLC, which bought 50 company-owned gas stations from BP in the summer, has decided to brand all those stations under the Conoco name.
CITGO to distribute heating oil at discounted prices
Dwelle details exploration of futures market
Senate panel approves special tax on oil company profits