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Nonchocolate Chewy Candy Sales Return to Growth Trend

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nonchocolate chewy candy sales trend in convenience stores
After a two-year decline, nonchocolate-chewy-candy sales in convenience stores are growing again. Up just 0.5% in 2013, during the 52 weeks through May 18, 2014, unit sales are up 2.8%, according to IRI.
Best-Selling Nonchocolate-Chewy-Candy Brands in Convenience Stores

IRI Convenience AllScan data for 52 weeks ending May 18, 2014

BrandDollar SalesPCYA*Unit SalesPCYA*
Private label$54,666,5801.71%43,060,390-0.08%
Sour Patch Kids$43,939,3809.25%27,077,3105.72%
Lifesavers Gummies$40,488,5004.14%19,062,9403.06%
Air Heads$38,528,48039.34%60,009,23017.96%
Reeses Pieces$36,448,640-0.57%20,670,450-3.03%
Wonka Laffy Taffy$34,820,9100.55%65,674,570-5.03%
Sour Punch$27,012,5007.69%20,810,7604.04%
Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers$26,459,86011.64%15,513,0909.03%
Swedish Fish$26,260,64010.08%17,202,9606.87%
Air Heads Xtremes$25,532,34026.50%19,290,15013.00%
Jolly Rancher$20,804,4603.66%13,358,070-5.60%
Lifersavers Gummies Collisions$19,716,98073.98%9,640,16072.10%
Haribo Gold Bears$18,851,21054.37%11,297,32053.52%
Sour Patch$17,734,16024.10%10,496,94020.39%
Just Born Mike & Ike$16,828,660-21.25%13,678,980-18.47%
Skittles Darkside$16,489,990182.92%12,303,320179.83%
Starburst Fave Reds$14,384,1900.63%12,252,5600.91%

*Percent change from a year ago

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