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Allison Robinson AIMS
Fuels Technology & Equipment
Robinson joins petroleum marketing software firm
Charles Grassley biodiesel
Fuels News
Three-dozen politicians urge EPA to boost biofuel’s production under RFS
CSP Magazine
Mystery Shop Industry Views: C-store retailers, it's time to stop the mediocre customer experience
Newcastle Brown Ale fall 2015 variety pack includes new IPA
Line extension part of limited-edition variety 12-pack
7-Eleven Mondelez Sour Patch Kids Slurpee
Retailer also partnering with Redbox for Big Gulp free movie rental promotion
Obama Biden Iran Deal White House gas prices
Fuels Analysis
Plentiful supply, nuclear agreement keep downward pressure on national average
Just Mayo 7-Eleven
Company that makes eggless mayonnaise touting chain-wide ingredient changeover
Hot Lotto
Former lottery official illegally purchased ticket “claimed” under mysterious circumstances
Hostess Brands deep-fried Twinkies
Snacks & Candy
… along with Hostess tortillas, bagels, English muffins