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I don’t believe the menu-labeling regulations case is fully closed; lobbyists and legislators will continue to fight to make concessions for convenience retailers. But I also think it’s time to stop focusing on D.C. and instead consider what this could really mean for you and your guests.
CSP Magazine
New FDA rules require c-stores post nutritional info by December
QuikTrip convenience store checkout
Marketing Strategies
See what visiting retailers have to say about two of the industry’s top chains
CSP Magazine
Knowing motivations of younger millennials and females may inspire better retail strategies
Jones Soda fountain beverages foodservice (CAP Daily New / Convenience Stores / Gas Stations)
Program leverages catalog of local images to reinforce "emotional connection".
Samuel Adams Rebel IPA beer line
Rouser and Rider join the Rebel family, roll out in February
Red Bull energy drink vs. Monster energy drink
Energy drink tops Monster in dollar share for first time since August
National Retail Federation NRF ObamaCare Affordable Care Act (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores / Gas Stations)
Corporate News
NRF: Unintended consequences have slowed retail job creation, limited hours, more
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Convenience-store chain storms the Long Island market with hearty eats on a robust site