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As consumers and retailers seek more from their beverages, major manufacturers have mined multiple ways to draw their attention. Here’s a look at where their research and development teams moved in 2014.
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Protein hits the spotlight as enhanced, premium beverages go mainstream.
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Corporate News
How to manage your in-store categories before they manage you
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A decidedly Montreal food: poutine. This rather simple dish is excellent in its basic form—french fries topped with gravy and cheese curds—and over the top with the variations that are now available.
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How often should an operator change up menu items?
Sparkling ICE flavored waters
Deal brings flavored-water and tea drinks to Canadian markets
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Mergers & Acquisitions News
MPC's Heminger says integration success demonstrates downstream value.
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QSR reimagines fries with a nacho twist
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I don’t believe the menu-labeling regulations case is fully closed; lobbyists and legislators will continue to fight to make concessions for convenience retailers. But I also think it’s time to stop focusing on D.C. and instead consider what this could really mean for you and your guests.