Channel: Chain Executives

Obamacare Affordable Care Act
Corporate News
Does bad government become our excuse not to be best in class?
General Mills Convenience Stores & Foodservice
General Merchandise
What are the challenges, opportunities for getting them into your convenience stores
Exxon gas station
Fuels News
ExxonMobil shuts down terminal to investigate "potential issue".
TravelCenters of America TA Petro Citizen Driver Award
Community Outreach
Renames travel center to honor professional drivers who evoke respect for profession
Dollar stores
General Merchandise
Most will continue to shop channel, and more frequently, even if economy improves
Petro Stopping Centers TravelCenters of America TA
Bases rewards on monthly gallons of diesel fuel customer purchases at TA, Petro locations
Wal-Mart Stores
Settlement gives card networks "sweeping release" that doesn't fix problems, risks.
Taco Bell breakfast
Taco Bell Breakfast now available nationwide, endorsed by "Ronald McDonald".
Joe DePinto 7-Eleven Convenience Stores
Corporate News
Chain's leader delivers McLane Lecture 2014, offers insights into corporate culture.