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There are new books, ideas, pamphlets, white papers and studies on leadership coming out all the time. Going by the publishing industry, you would think that what it takes to be a good leader changes constantly. But I believe there are core qualities of leadership that transcend all of that.
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But individuals may still be prosecuted over diesel rebate scheme in $92 million federal deal

The True Profit of Foodservice

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CHICAGO -- A recent Willard Bishop SuperStudy report found some new advantages of embracing foodservice in convenience stores.

Specifically, the report, is based on an analysis of three different convenience-store retailers operating in geographically dispersed markets across the United States, found:

  • Foodservice categories generate just over 26% of total store unit movement and true profit contribution.
  • Foodservice is covering its fair share of costs. In fact, foodservice generates the same penny profit ($0.32) per unit sold as in-store merchandise.
  • This strong penny profit comes from a significantly lower starting point ($1.32 vs. $3.02 retail price).

Department Performance Per Store

(Merchandise departments vs. foodservice)

  Weekly Dollars   Per Unit   Share of  
Financials Merchandise Foodservice Merchandise Foodservice Merchandise Foodservice
Dollar sales $32,412 $5,147 $3.02 $1.32 86.3% 13.7%
Adjusted gross profits $8,898 $2,656 $0.83 $0.68 77.0% 23.0%
Activity-based costs $5,456 $1,421 $0.51 $0.36 79.3% 20.7%
True profit $3,442 $1,236 $0.32 $0.32 73.6% 26.4%
Unit movement 10,743 3,896 NA NA 73.4% 17.0%
Adjusted gross margin 27.5% 51.6% NA NA NA NA
True profit margins 10.6% 24.0% NA NA NA NA

Kit Dietz of Dietz Consulting presented the results of the Willard Bishop SuperStudy during a CSP's recent Driving Impulse Sales meeting in Chicago.

Willard Bishop SuperStudy
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