General Merchandise

General merchandise category news for the convenience store retail industry.

7-Eleven continues to see growth in its gift-card "mall"

DALLAS -- Prepaid cards boomed in the early 2000s, and 7-Eleven made hay by launching its prepaid gift-card "mall" in 2001. Today, the three-foot section has doubled in size and one of its latest additionsprepaid gaming cardsare seeing double-digit growth. "These are top-selling products that our...

Company hopes to "stretch" fad with line extensions

TOLEDO, Ohio -- BCP Imports LLC, maker of the Silly Bandz bracelets that have become an accessory de rigueur on elementary school playgrounds, is the latest small company looking for a way to extend its appeal with pint-sized customers, said a Wall Street Journal[image-nocss] em>

States, cities banning sale of marijuana-like substance K2

ST. LOUIS -- Nearly a dozen states and several cities are banning or debating bans on K2, a packet of herbs coated with a synthetic chemical that mimics a marijuana high when it's smoked, amid fears that its use is spreading among young people, USA Today recently reported. K2, also known as "Spice...

Wal-Mart's bigger stores prove a benefit to Susser Holdings.
Food, beverage makers seeking tighter collaboration with stores.
Nielsen: Drug, mass, convenience will grow dollar sales, suffer share losses
Retailers trimming assortment; reduced selection sending shoppers elsewhere
Maine-based c-store wholesaler to buy Northeast regional operations centers
Customers value lowest price, guarantees, brand variety
Steffen, Moore, Elsinger to expand convenience products