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Staffing Stress: Solving Labor Shortages and Modernizing C-stores with Self-Checkout

Maplefields’ IT Director, Skip Potter, and Gilbarco’s Express Lane Self-checkout Marketing Manager, Julia Collins, will discuss consumers’ evolving expectations in the c-store setting and the radical transformation of Maplefields’ in-store experience that now revolves around the self-checkout experience.


The Importance of Loyalty & Commerce KPIs

The battle for share of wallet is more fierce than ever and retailers are challenged to ensure loyalty programs are performing at a higher bar.

One of the biggest challenges facing the foodservice industry, whether it be in a restaurant, at a c-store or in the grocery aisle, is how to make customers feel safe. In the restaurant, how do we convey cleanliness and safety to a cautions clientele? In the grocery store, how will prepared foods departments re-establish or re-invent self-service stations? And in c-stores, how can operators calm the shopper, reluctant to return to traditional self-service stations? Our editorial experts weigh in on a post-pandemic future for food safety.

Join us on July 13 at 1pm CST to learn more about the future of foodservice kitchens and how to implement new technology to meet the needs of modern consumers.

The battle for share of wallet is more fierce than ever and retailers are challenged to ensure loyalty programs are performing at a higher bar. What should you be measuring? How do you discover insights from your data? Why are certain KPIs more important than others? How do you set goals and align KPIs with targeted business outcomes? Stuzo will dive deep into these topics, providing a wealth of valuable insights.

Recently released surveys show that more than a year into the pandemic, 50% of consumers say their buying habits have been permanently altered – and c-stores are adjusting their strategies accordingly.

Markets are consolidating and a smaller number of companies continue to get larger. The top 200 chains now run about 30% of all c-stores. So what is the best way for you to take advantage of your multi-station fuel operation and optimize your profits?

How to make your CBD category safe & successful: A guide on how to increase sell through and reduce compliance emergencies.

Rewards programs are widespread among convenience stores for one simple but powerful reason: the substantial revenue benefits that come from the associated incremental visits and sales.

Single stores and small chains make up nearly 80% of the convenience retail market, yet this space has been traditionally fragmented, preventing smaller retailers from having the same access to promotions and brand funding that large chains benefit from. Skupos unites this market through a single platform, allowing brands and retailers to work toward increasing revenue goals together.

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