C-store technology and services news for the convenience-store retail industry

Amazon Launches Palm-Powered Payment

Contactless option replaces a QR code with a hand


Community Services Roundup, September 2020

Casey’s, Parker’s, Enmarket, EG Group, among c-stores that gave back

What if customers paid you to be a part of a brand? Consider all of the new ways brands could incentivize these customers—to make an extra visit, try a new product or build their basket—if these consumers already committed to spending money with a certain brand before they ever set foot inside the door.

Kish brings POS, e-commerce expertise to retail consulting, services firm

Surviving a pandemic with a stronger brand

From personal touch to no touch

Personalization takes on a new meaning

Speeding up the time it takes to measure return on investment

Deals, ordering, payment and more at the touch of a button

Retailers move closer to the consumer

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