C-store technology and services news for the convenience-store retail industry


Software Automation Leads to the Best Run Convenience Stores

Convenience store management is always looking for ways to streamline its processes. Whether it’s a small family-operated store or a large multi-store chain, software automation that does the heavy li...


Love’s Chooses PAR Technology’s Data Central for Back-Office Management

Travel stop chain using system to optimize food cost tracking, centralize operational processes, more

Lottery management platform aims to reduce labor hours and decrease theft

In partnership with Finix, Pay360 drives down risk and offers below-market processing rates

If tech is used for efficiency, retailers can save 'leftover money for things that make you less of a target’


Of the 60% of customers that add items to their carts, 37% complete the purchase—how a convenience store can increase the conversion rate

Convenience operators are working to catch up to the success of loyalty programs in other industries

Re-Up’s AI technology cooks customizable fried chicken, french fries and other menu items on demand

Pricing changes come days after card issuers agree to $30 billion settlement over swipe fees

Duo will launch NexCX, a suite of convenience-store customer experience solutions

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