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Big Oil Makes a Major Retail Statement

Through direct operations and supply deals, oil companies are revisiting c-store opportunities

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Performance Food Group to Acquire Eby-Brown

Combined with Vistar division, distributor will service more than 75,000 locations


4 Ways BP Is Advancing in 2019

How Amoco, digital, data, loyalty and the future of energy are playing roles

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Recent Stories

Video security and intelligence firm offers insights for retailers

Association argues agency does not have regulatory authority to provide RVP waiver

Items were sold in convenience stores nationwide

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As the availability of E15 continues to grow, retailers will have more opportunities to expand their business at the pump with the fuel.

Fuel retailer connects brand image, customer experience to fuel volumes

Entrepreneur who found success after leading Circle K into bankruptcy dies at 90

How the industry is progressing as 2020 liability shift approaches

In-car commerce firm eases access for ride-hailing drivers

There are, however, five secrets that all successful car wash owners know will help maximize revenue.