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General merchandise and HBC category news for the convenience-store retail industry

General Merchandise/HBC

GSTV’s Kristal Walton Outlines Retail Media’s Persuasion at the Pump

‘People are visiting the store throughout their day and so leveraging media tactics, such as at the fuel pump, helps drive that connection with the consumer,’ tech exec says

General Merchandise/HBC

Dollar Stores Take Big Bite Out of Rural Market Share

Sales, employment, store count all drop in rural communities at a much higher rate than in urban counterparts

Patricia Coe, Doug Middlebrooks share how customers make decisions, why foodservice is key

HBC, general merchandise supplier to convenience-store, travel and hospitality retailers honored during its 50th anniversary

C-stores now ‘transforming into some of the most exciting dining and tourist destinations in the country,’ says


Convenience-store wholesaler will soon service close to 7,900 locations in 33 states

C-store, travel channel supplier forges partnership with heartburn relief brand

Space allocation right-sizing, recognizing emerging consumer priorities key for convenience stores

Vacationers more likely to spend more for premium, unique products, Lil’ Drug Store director says

New contract replaces the convenience-store retailer’s previous deal with the distributor

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