The latest news on gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel retailing

Utilities Partner for Electric Highway Coalition

Charging network planned from the Atlantic Coast into the Southwest


E15 Rising: Follow These 4 Developments to Appraise the Fuel’s Future

There are several indicators that sales of E15 could experience a dramatic upswing, perhaps even replace E10.

Company moving all fully electric car sales online

Level 3 systems are compatible with most electric vehicle models

BPme users can compare gas prices to competitors

GPM prepares for 'long-term journey' toward electric-vehicle charging

Pump price still zooming, retailer margin still dropping

Outages, lack of deliveries and unreachable locations could cause a spike in fuel costs

Four new units open to the public in West Sacramento

The unique styles of wash can go beyond just personal preference; they can be a major determinant in the business model of a car wash, from vehicle loading, to various cleaning technologies, to cars-per-hour capabilities and revenue per car, to the level of clean and shine.

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