The latest news on gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel retailing

The Giant Middle East Wild Card

A gasoline price increase is upon us


3 Important Reasons to Create Your Own UST ‘Birth Certificate’

As many fuel sites look to replace their aging underground storage tanks (USTs) in the next 10 years, station operators have an opportunity to simultaneously improve their recordkeeping by creating a “birth certificate” for their new underground fueling equipment.

The details behind Sun Media Network’s Terrible Herbst partnership

Most states forcing electric-vehicle owners to pay more than gas-tax equivalent: report

What if c-stores could earn more by upgrading their car wash to a mini-tunnel? It’s a trend among some stores, and it’s easy to see why—mini-tunnels can wash more cars than in-bay models can.

In 2015, the chain started offering E15 gasoline, a higher efficiency fuel, in its North Carolina locations. Now, more than 265 Sheetz locations offer the fuel.

Chain plans panels for more than 90 sites as it ramps up EV charging

Oregon distributor signs on its first customer for renewable diesel, biodiesel blend

Florida inspectors find several devices but minimal storm damage after hurricane

Mobile units with smart screens will help drive in-store purchases

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