The latest news on gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel retailing

BP Invests in Mobile Charging

FreeWire Mobi Charger units offer a less expensive alternative to fixed stations


Chicago Mayor Proposes Illinois Gas-Tax Increase

Emanuel pitches a 20- to 30-cent increase to pay for infrastructure

GOP legislators propose vehicles and fueling infrastructure for 95-RON gasoline

Gasoline prices slide another 22 cents

Bains Brothers to provide refunds to some Hurricane Harvey fuel customers

Canada’s largest fuel market adopts ethanol blend, fights carbon tax and cap-and-trade

Operation Deep Impact uncovers dozens of devices at gas stations

High profits with lower labor costs make the category an easy win for some retailers

Retail pricing dynamics—not refineries—could be adding to growing gap between fuel grades

ChargePoint gets oil company’s backing in $240 million round of funding