With 400 convenience stores in 11 states, Kum & Go recently declared an expensive new-build program in Colorado, where customers over the years have become more familiar with its large-format, food-focused offer. Leading that growth spurt and continuing vision is its president, Tanner Krause, who represents the fourth generation of leadership for the Midwest chain.

What are your growth plans for 2020?

We’re a family-run company with ambitions to continually grow our footprint as fast and sustainably as we can. We’re aiming to build 20 stores next year with a focus on Colorado and, in particular, the city of Denver. Customers there love our brand, and we have a great time finding the right people to join our team.

What do you think of new-build costs these days?

We build our stores to last. This allows us the space to grow as a company and further innovate our offerings and operations.

How are you addressing legacy sites to keep them relevant?

Fortunately, the legacy stores we’ve built are still in great shape. We build stores that cost more upfront but last longer and are more efficient to maintain over their life span.

Is there an ideal size for your chain?

I wouldn’t put a number on it; we want to continue to grow our stores to meet our customers’ needs wherever they are.

Is there something surprising that people don’t know about you?

Io parlo Italiano. (Translation: I speak Italian.)